Happy New Year

Confusionism: Happy New Year 2015. Beer LaoWell the small team at Confusionism are still around and still have some plans, but have little time right now. So it is just time to say have a great new year and don’t find stupid reasons to not enjoy yourselves. Go party.

And next year, yes we do have some plans to add some more artwork and update the theory posts. As confusionists, we do not think it necessary to tell you what ius going on, but to let you work it out yourselves via the confusionist tools and analyses that have been discussed many times. So we will not waste our or your time in 2015 analysing what is described as news in the media industry of control and on

In the meantime though it is time to party, so share a little drink with us. After all partying is a real human action.

Happy New Year.




The Absolutionist – An Update

The Absolusionist is now being worked on and will be released when completed. It will be a novel length piece of writing. However, in line with Confusionist thought on literature, it will not follow any of the industry created rules for defining a novel by industry standards. The Absolutionist will also fall within the notion of fragmentary writing or vignettive writing as described by Confusionists.

The Absolutionist will be the first novel length piece of writing by G. We will post more announcements here as this work develops.

New Look

The Confusionism theme has been updated to give it a new more modern look and much of the sidebar clutter has been removed. It should also make the site easier to navigate.

If anyone has any comment on this change, please let us know.

Graham Lawrence

Graham Lawrence 2013. Picture copyright by Sinlaratn Soontornviset.The personal and professional website of one of the founders of Confusionism is now up.

The site Graham Lawrence covers his publishing, editing, training, teaching and administrative work rather than his confusionist thought and philosophy. However, if you want to know a little more about one of the creators of confusionism or would like to see another side of him, this site should be of use.

He is also the founder of the the online English literature journal Eastlit. This journal was the first journal dedicated to English literature and artwork from or connected to East and South East Asia.

With Bryn Tennant he jointly first postulated the Confusionist philosophy. Graham and Bryn also jointly founded Eastlit although Bryn later left that project.

New Year

Well the team at confusionism who have not been that active in 2013, would like to wish all our readers a Happy New Year.

This has been the year of Edward Snowden exposing the very tings that confusionists have warned of in the past half decade. Kudos to Mr. Snowden.

In other areas the confusionism team is concentrating more on artistic ventures including the online journal Eastlit. This is the first journal aimed at English literature and visual artwork from or connected to East and South East Asia.

International Writers Group

This is a recommended writers group:

The International Writers’ Group (IWG) is for anyone anywhere in the world, writing in English. IWG also actively encourages non-native writers to be part of the community. This is an open democratic community for writers and readers where sharing, support and discussion are welcome. Join and participate as much or as little as you want.

The International Writers Group is a Google+ community, which means you need a free Google+ account.

Fragmentary writing will be part of the discussion among other styles in this group.