Confusionism is intended as a dynamic creative model and life philosophy spanning multiple cultures and societies.

Originally mooted by Lawrence and Tennant in mid-2009, it has since evolved and moved on and now includes quite a selection of short writings in tradtional, fragmentary and vignettive styles with photo art now being added too.

The life, evolution and works complete with warts and all are in the body of this blog.

The second meeting of the Confusionists is planned for some time around mid-May 2010 in the Thai coastal town of Bang Saen where the concept experienced its initial gestation.

We can be contacted at confusionism09 at g mail dot com. Just put it all together into one string

Links to some of the main ideas are listed below:



Questions and Answers

Structures, Institutions, Art and Education

Incompleteness over Completeness

Imperfection over Perfection

Doubt over Certainty Doubt over Belief

Lies and Truth


Stream of Creativity


What is Art


Intellectual Property


Cultural Differences

Cultural Similarites and Politics

Academic Control and Freedom of Thought

Democracy – Addendum


Love over Hate


Simple over Complicated

Questions and Answers – Addendum

Life and Death

The Advent of Writing

False Questions

Ratings, Economics, Financial Systems and Exposure


What is Reality

Revolution and Revolutionaries


Democracy Three

Multitasking and Educational Dissonance

Confusionism – Two

Accessing Knowledge over Taught Knowledge


Oppression and Terrorism


The Notion of Location in Post Postmodern Society

Pervasive Computing

Links to the pieces of writing can be found on the author’s respective pages


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