Brexit & Turkish Coup

Back in 2009 us Confusionists started to talk about how in spite of all the confusion sowed by those that control society, people would start to see how things really were. The recent cases of Brexit and the failed Turkish coup are good examples of this.


Confusionism: BrexitWith virtually the entire British elite and establishment ranged to terrifying people into voting to remain in the EU, there seemed little doubt that this would happen. Against this was ranged only a few politicians some of whom were viewed as not really wanting an exit anyway and some tabloid media that appeal only the poorer and underclasses who vote in lower numbers anyway.

In spite of this in the biggest turnout since 1992 and with the largest vote for anything ever in British history the leave vote won easily.

Without going into the economics of this which on both side are neo-liberal fantasy economy anyway, the outcome was one example of a public that would turn out to say we have had enough of the lies, fear and rubbish you sell us. Of course in the real world what comes next could see a return to the usual shenanigans of elites and their so-called educated puppets. However, this is remains as one example of the people seeing as us Confusionists postulated would happen over half a decade ago.

Failed Turkish Coup

Confusionism: Failed Turkish CoupA few days ago the Turkish army attempted one of its coups. It has a habit of this. This time however, in spite of having overwhelming support in the military, according to local Turkish independent sources rather than the neo-con western media, the people were not going to put up with it. They poured into the streets and in an unusual development saw the support of the police remain with the people. The army was quickly defeated. It is clear that with support to overturn the coup coming from people who vote across the political spectrum that this was a victory for the people and “democracy”.

However, now we see the classic neo-con false equivalence of equating the arrests of those who were behind the coup with being as evil or worse than the coup itself and we also see a neo-con western media propaganda bigging up the beating of some coup soldiers while turning a blind eye to the bombing of people, crushing of people with tanks, firing tank shells into people, etc. This tells us not only about the media and its propaganda but also indicates the coup was, unsurprisingly, supported by western neo-con organizations and states until it was obviously failing. In the reaction to a people’s victory the elites expose themselves and we can learn from this.

However, vigilance by the Turkish people is needed as the neo-con agenda tries to create the conditions for a second and successful coup which they will claim as a “good” one. Good for the elites of course and not the people.

But this all just brings us back to early awakening events as people begin to see and get opportunities to liberate themselves.



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