ISIS Truth Hidden

Is anyone going to address the issue of the protected religious scholars and clerics in Saudi Arabia who give and export the extremist literal interpretation of the Koran that provides the religious and theoretical underpinning to both ISIS and al-Qaeda?

From a Confusionist perspective the bigger story is how the the Western ally Saudi Arabia is given the cover to allow the germination of this theoretical basis for the slaughter of other Muslims and anyone else of another faith or no faith. The Western powers do not even address this issue. It must be asked if they really want “terrorism” to go away or not. And once again the mainstream media is complicit in covering this up by failing to report on it and to go off into tangents of it being about Syria only. This is a country where Kurds, Shia, moderate Sunnis, Christians and Secularists are fighting against an ISIS takeover. We have a timely reminder of how the powers that control use their control of propaganda to create veils that cloak the truth even or maybe particularly when it means death and destruction on a massive scale.

It is once again obvious that perpetuating fear, ignorance and hatred and hence control is at the top of the agenda. It is equally obvious that the root theoreticians of terror are now protected in Western supported dictatorships. But through it all via the new and still relatively uncontrolled technological media, broadly described as social media, individuals across the globe are increasingly noticing.



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