Pervasive Computing

The term pervasive computing is another example of aging academics trying to analyse (but failing to open their eyes) modern devlopmentsd that have passed them by. The term carries a negative controlling conotation. One problem with the current round of technological changes being so rapid is that you have a multi-generational divergence well beyone two generations who are all living and yet those who are positioned to analyse are set in a time of different mores to now. While we see the breakdown of various industries such as music, publishing, and we see the breakdown of corporate and poltical control over message and propaganda as technology changes faster than they can react to exert control over it, few notice that academia is very badly poitioned to analyse, research or teach it due to societal and structural out datedness.

One aspect of new technologies in the current set of generations is that all established institutions are behind the curve on outsiders to them. The best place to have papers and research on the changes across fields is outside of any traditional institution as:

1. It will potentailly utilise the very thing it is analysing

2. It minimises institutional bias and edit

3. It gives it more credence by not being part of something within an instituion for that and other such institutional groupings but being for “the people” – whoever they are.

4. It fits with the new notion of something can exist anywhere and anytime and isnt tied to existing at a time in a place or location or thing.


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