The Theory of Relativity – Pseudoscience

Now the evidence is in to show this dated and flawed theory has had its day in the sun, you would expect those who claimed to have a rational mind, if that is something worth even wanting, to put the theory to bed and move on in their exploration of science and even welcome the unfettering of physics by the elimination of flawed theorem. But no we find the evidence is questioned as in blind faith the controllers of the scientific industry and its academic offshoots of propaganda cannot abandon the faith-based tenets of their new religion where the gospel according to St. Albert is of more import than experimental evidence. And to find that in academic institutes across the world this faith-based lunacy is still taught when utterly disproven revealing the nature of academic institutes as mere propaganda and brain washing centers for the new religion of science as much as for any other faith-based and more usually identified religion.

Of course to confusionists none of this is any surprise as the power of propaganda to control by self-declared elites is a basic characteristic of the domineering societies others have created to control us. However, once again theses false constructs, their idolisers and their propaganda are exposed for all to see, and this should be welcomed. And the role of technology that they can’t control and which to us as people is liberating once again is a medium that can expose the lies, hypocrisy and propaganda.

Here is to welcoming in 2012 with the demise of the theory of relativity.


2 thoughts on “The Theory of Relativity – Pseudoscience

  1. How much more experimental evidence would you like? All predicted effects have been shown to occur..even that crowning phenomenon of weirdness…frame dragging.
    I have seen many sites like yours on the net. Fist you “debunk” if he himself didnt admit hundreds of times his theories were tentative, incomplete, and not totally satisfactory. But he was.much closer than most cranks and hobbyist physicists on the web. By analogy, saying the earth ks round and saying it is flat are both incorrect. However saying itnis round is damn close, while saying it is flat is lunacy, or at best is contrarianism for its owm.sake. Actually that should be the name.of your views…not confusionism..but contrarianism. Argument for argument’s sake. Sorry man, Einstein was far from perfect in his theories…but that by no means makes your IGNORANCE equal to his KNOWLEDGE. In fairness…how exactly do you claim that relativity has been “disproven”. Im guessing you cannot cite a single instance of a REPEATABLE experiment or mathematically SOUND hypothesis that refutes it. Of course there have been modifications. The Earth is a spheroid not a spere to use the analogy again. But just because “round earthers” were technically wrong, doesnt.mean that we may discover tomorror that earth is tetrahedral. That a theory can be modified when new found rather than discarded is a strength not a weakness of the theory.

    • Chill man. I dont think we mentioned the roundness of the earth. Rather weird to raise that.
      Science as a tool to explain rather than a crede is advantaged when theories worshipped by self interested institutions fall. We welcome the evidence that Einstein was wrong as a positive step for science and an indictment of those more likely to have villified Copernicus in their (quasi) belief based acceptance of science. Peace.

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