Earlier we wrote about digimodernism or pseudo-modernism as defined by Kirby:

I was going to do an analytical take-down of Alan Kirby’s pseudo-modernism but I realised it wasnt worth my time. Such a vile elitist, judgemental, negative, reactionary concept deserves nothing except derision.

The originators and proponents of it deserve nothing except our pity for their meaningless misguided lives and analysis and unasked for, unwarranted and totally undeserved comments and theories on ours.

and in a comment on digimodernism:

Digimodernism or pseudo-modernism or whatever the current label is remains descriptively analytical with little to no guide or prediction from my reading of it. Even a quick look at the piece linked to: narrowed intellectualism, conformist, before being a golden age of intelligence etc, exposes just a few negative and judgemental opinions. I can only hope that digimodernism will be dynamic and evolutionary so as to develop into something more encouraging than just negative desciptivity.

As a philosophical comment on what current (western) society/culture is like it may stand a test. I will leave that to others to judge. However, that is separate from being a replacement art movement and guiding philosophy to post-modernism

As confusionists we have outlined through a number of entries in this blog our own vision of what is beyond post modernism in a completely different and in our opinion more positive philosophy. We will continue having over the past couple of years in laying down the basic tenets of confusionism to develop them further and indeed confront the confusion that Kirby seems to have in parts of theories and in his work on digimodernism as actually explainable within confusionist theory of the post postmodern period.


2 thoughts on “Digimodernism

  1. I think that you are completly wrong and you judgement is superficial….I really liked the book and his content. I will recommend it to the readers…… anonym

    • Thanks for the in depth comment. I do however like the anonym signature unlike the directed debate of the digimodernisitas who seem against all that digital society surely is to insist on wanting names…

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