Rick told me yesterday that he and his girlfriend had decided they weren’t going to have babies. I felt a deep and morbid sadness as I saw their future together. An aging couple in their small condominium in the heart of the metropolis with no shared interests, no hobbies, no real agreement of anything and no real liking of each other as they just sat co-joined and awaiting a mutual death. In fact not really any different from today or even since the week after they met. Two people who have no reason to stay together, but two people unwilling in their individual selfishness unwilling to even move to find a single point of shared feeling, hope, desire or enjoyment. Two people too stubborn in their self esteem and to even admit a parting would be better than the death they have been assigned to since meeting. A death slow and destructively ruinous except in the level of bank balance built for no future. A death of feeling and removal of life that happened long ago and now only awaits the final terminal mortification of the body to match the long already reached state of the spirit.


One thought on “Futures

  1. Oh that’s a pretty miserable future you’ve painted there for a childless couple. I don’t think it needs to be that way. I’m glad I decided to have my one child, but I have friends (now in their 60s) who could not have a child, but not only are they very much in love still, they also have spent years developing a lovely relationship with my daughter, now 18, and have the benefits of a close connection with her.
    Even to decide not to have a child needn’t be all doom & gloom, nor need it be seen as a selfish act. The planet is overpopulated as it is, perhaps we could honour their decision as a sacrifice for the greater good. Just another way of looking at it.

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