Bald Tire

I’m a wonderful human you know

Got bags of experience

Bags of delirium

A wonderful gift to adore

Got inside omniscience

Outside no confidence


Now I’m bald I tire you

Just like I used to, do


I’m a shredded-up petty sad crime

Got pains in my elbow

Pains through my bleak hello

A shredded-up sparkling dime

Got all of the phobias

Raindrops of all the whores


Now you just ignore these tears

Just like you used to, dear


Bald tire slipping, and sliding around

Like ice skate disasters

And earthquaking chandeliers

Prevail outlandish and proud

We have no namesakes

For there are no mistakes


I’m a bald tire letting down

All of the photos, and expectations.



Well I don’t know how far this can go

The same old pale rhymey slang

Throw in exquisite and

I don’t know what there is to know

God no faith in anything

Talk with such elegance


Now you’ve put your glasses on

Just like when it all went, wrong



Well there’s nowhere at all left to go

The same immigration

The same man oh man oh man

A synthetic cotton to throw

Over the cheering crowds

Under the tallest brows


Now you seem forever gone

I will rate your friendliness, from nil to one


Bald tire blowing and dying away

As everything has to end

Everything goes that way

Cometh the hour of lies

We have no podium

For we have no competition


I’m a bald tire letting down

All of the hopes, and regrets, of happiness



A wonderful human you know

Had chains on destruction

Chains on deduction

A wonderful portrait of snow

High on the mountains

Behind tight-closed curtains

I know

Now I’m bald I tire you

Just don’t let that light, shine, through.


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