Alcohol, Drugs, Reality and Fantasy

Alcohol like  other drugs and even addictive fetishes offers only fantasies but never satisfaction. Satisfaction can come only from reality, and reality is a very personal and unique thing as seen by confusionists. However, that reality and fantasy are two very different things and shouldnt be confused. 

Most take alcohol or drugs to escape their own reality and sometimes the false reality or fantasy they provide become more important than the personal reality itself. The fantasy though never ever matches the real or the potential in the real and in there lies the tragedy as what those seeking something move further and further away from ever finding it in increasing fantasy worlds finding enslavement in those very repetitive and ridiculously constraining fantasies that lead to no enlightenment.

There is another user though of alcohol and drugs who uses it to better enhance the reality and experience of reality when not using. This form of user still retains and even enhances the chance of achieving a “nirvanic” experience or understanding.


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