The Test for the West

With all the people’s movements, that should be welcomed, erupting across the Arab world in countries currently dominated by dictators funded and armed in return for concessions and sweetheart foreign policy by the Western democracies will the Wests oft stated love of democracy override protecting the interests of its exploitative companies and the support for the murderous regime of Israel? The answer is likely to be no as murderous dictators in Bahrain and Yemen remain supported as they massacre their people with only the not so darling regime of Libya being allowed to collapse. And of course if the worst of the oppressive regimes Saudi Arabia can get away with removing the right of assembly without so much as a word emanating from the mistakenly labelled agent of change Obama.

The west is to date is failing the test dismally, but did anyone really expect anything different when democracy as developed in western playgrounds remains just a new way to control and exploit?


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