Wikileaks and how countries, societies and people react to them is a litmus test of belief in freedom of information, which is something many people and countries claim to value but in reality… Well they can be judged by whether they welcome the leaks even if they don’t like the content.

A more worrying aspect of the leaks is that the dissemination of them still relies on the discredited propaganda apparatus of the corporate world such as the hideously warped New York Times. Of course such organs cherry pick what they highlight to suit their own agendas and even within that practice redacting things that we shouldnt know on spurious “security” concerns. A ridiculous argument. You either believe in freedom of information or you don’t and any interference in manipulating information or hiding it is ample proof that you are an enemy of freedom.

While wikileaks is to be welcomed unreservedly, the way in which the information is then passed on needs to be improved to actually benefit us the people. Finding ways of bypassing the corporate media propaganda apparatus is vital.

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2 thoughts on “Wikileaks

  1. It also seems that finding ways of bypassing hosts who can be intimidated is also needed not to mention convenient charges against those connected.

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