Observations on Expats. An Expat Exorcises.

Living in an expat environment sees statements such as “all (add racial, ethnic, national, gender, sexuality) are…..” being commonplace. Of course the statement in itself says more about the ignorance of the person suing it than anything else and of course serves to render whatever comes next as something of little credence.

In general expats must find some way to consider themselves superior to the locals of the country they reside in. That many expats are actually narrow-minded, knowledgable and ignorant doesn’t help this so such things as the locals are stupid because they can’t (explain things in English, drive as in a country someone left a hundred years ago) or doesn’t (form queues, immediately understand what someone speaking in English wants) are common. Of course this says more about the expat than the local and not in a positive way.

Expats of course also obsess with looking for the differences between any local culture and their own, using stereotypes in both cases. In fact an obsession occurs here that results in analysing cultures to such a degree that no such culture could possibly exist. Of course expats miss the possibility that people the world over of whatever culture actually have a lot more in common than different. That of course though does not fit with the obsession on culture which also the expat usually considers as being something they are remarkably observant and talented in knowing.

Expats in general have a hatred of tourists from their own country or similar ones. This of course is all because such tourists are ignorant of the local culture, wont ever see anything of the real country, stay in expensive hotels and drive prices up for expats by paying prices asked for. Expats of course do not consider that they often have no idea of the country they live in beyond their own baseless assumptions which by their own ideal of demeaning locals as lesser beings also prevents any real learning about local culture as it really exists. What expat would want to really know what a tourist thought of them, which of course would be a valid question of any expat who held (negative) opinions on tourists. But then again tourists are obviously a lower form of life because they accepted “all that” and didn’t leave and hence their opinions aren’t important in expat land.


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