Old Role Models Fail – Democracy Fails

As the states that present themselves as models to look up to and aspire to be like struggle to control the excesses of their institutions and to force the suffering onto their people’s to protect the institutions and the power structures and those few who control and benefit from them, the Chinese model powers confidently on resisting any demand or plea to change. This new role model sees its economic power increase as that of others falters.

Able to make the instant changes needed of modern technological  society and to exert control over the levers of economy the Chinese model shows clear water to the lagging dynasties of Europe and the short-time upstart of the United States. These aging powers held back not only be the failings of representative democracy in cosseted countries where the screw you, sell your grandmother and gratification now instincts have been cruelly and unnaturally foisted onto the peoples by the vast industries of propaganda through media and academia, just cannot make any of the changes or even face up the realities they face. Their systems have created the conditions for their own downfall although to write them off so easily as they thrash around seeking distraction through fear, enemy and hatred  or anything that may avoid people realising that their natural human condition is totally undermined by the very internal institutions of power that they accept through academic and media coercion as part of life, would be to say the least  a little hasty.

Of course the institutions of control in the new role model or any state taking or adapting that model are no example of anything that  the human condition would naturally want or desire and in many cases are more oppressive than those hidden in western democracies, but the model itself is more highly adaptive and far quicker to make change and even reinvent itself. This in modern times makes it a model more likely to survive as while oppression is never natural the ability to deliver to the majority of the oppressed is critical to the survival of any political system and modern representative western democracy can no longer do this. When a system can no longer deliver to the majority it falls or becomes an anachronistic relic of little interest.

As the current system of oppression in the wealthy world fails to come to terms with new and harsh realities that the comforts the society has been accustomed to can no longer be afforded and neither can the distractions, it presents opportunity for change which offers opportunity for emancipation for peoples and their communities although on the other hand it also offers opportunity for other groups of oppressors to with idea of new system to take the place of the old ones, so further emancipation remains a possibility although not a guarantee. For now though we see the rise of the new role model while the demise of older ones creates opportunity.


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