Oppression and Terrorism

What the west describes as terrorism stems from oppression. Reaction to oppression becomes what the west labels terrorism. Only those with power can oppress. The western world has a big lead in world power and hence is the worlds biggest oppressor. Ergo it is the biggest cause of terrorism ironically against itself. When will that small but powerful segment of the world, and the even smaller elite that controls it, see that releasing the oppression, releasing the pressure will see over time a lessening of support for and the carrying out of what is labeled by the west as terrorism?

Only the west can bring this about and not in the military ways it thinks of, which are actually even worse forms of oppression on others, but by learning to understand, not fear, respect and allow a fairer playing field for others. We cannot expect western government and instruments of control, oppression and propaganda to do this, but need to look to people. The emancipation of all the security of all is interlinked when people realise that it is only their powerful elites that benefit from the oppression and only the people that suffer from the oppression and its inevitable consequences.


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