We all, every one of us, have flaws, and that is part of what makes us unique and interesting. Any move towards some perceived perfection as in perfection promoted by the huge marketing and propaganda industries is just us being used and accepting their games. Those that seek to,, quite successfully usually, control us only want us to become obsessed with the meaningless and puerile while not noticing the really important things around us, and to coerce or convince us to deny our own human condition while accepting the fake life they have ready for us as slaves of theirs.

Of course some flaws may be negative in that they are detrimental to others and as such need to be addressed, but most flaws are in fact our identifying factors and without them we become meaningless mannequins mastered by our betters. It is important for not just confusionists but also everyone to recognize the difference between negative flaws and parts of their own character that they are trying to deny.


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