Apple is the world’s largest and most insidious cult in the modern world. With Steve Jobs as its leader speaking often in styles reminiscent of Mussolini in a turtle neck from a stage with a highlighted mediocre and overpriced product from the realms of closed source hinterland. And a cult so powerful and so powerful a part of the establishment across much of the western world that even excesses of monopolistic abuse that would make those previous of Microsoft pale and yet left unchallenged by any of those in control as the establishment may go after the outsiders but never those who are part of it.

And with a cult following so large and so accepting that the initiates can have any product for any price presented to it and they will like the gaderene swine just follow, accept and more the point, with the ludicrous Jobs and his fellow money counters, buy. And being the initiates of a cult they wont accept any criticism of the cult and its products as that is just a direct attack on the true way for them. And for so many of the Apple initiates who are just like any other lonely cult fodder who want a life Apple gives them something to live for and conversation pieces and a product to worship for as expensive as it is they know it is best even if the components are exactly the same as in any other piece of modern technology in most cases but at 3-4 times the price and even if all they are paying for is a log , monopolistic software and of course donating to the next marketing campaign.

In terms of marketing, manipulation, propaganda, brain washing and pure ripping people off and removing people from a human condition Apple and their manipulative anti-human leader Jobs go to levels that even the average capitalist corporation wouldnt. For such reasons confusionists must be constantly vigilant of this axis of destruction in a similar way to other extreme destructive organizations such as News International


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