You would really have to have no life to worry what happened to an establishment favourite brand named sports club that was purely about making money and buying trophies. Hopefully the sordid tale of this brand-name and the shoddy set of belligerents in the battle for money will wake more up to the reality of the EPL as a big rip off and to the fact that clubs only win things if or because of the money they have. However, judging by the little crowd outside the courts yesterday there are still a few deluded into thinking it is something important in their lives – marketing and propaganda are as always effective.

Opium of the people? Now opium may be a dated drug but the thought still holds true in fact maybe more so as distracting more and more people from reality, as opposed to the false nonsense we are presented with as reality, becomes ever more important. The EPL is about as much about reality as Football Manager or Fantasy Football but a lot less fun.


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