Confusionists do not attribute quotes as language cannot be owned. We all potentially can make the same point make the same expression at some point and when we do it is equally valid. That someone said something first, second or last is an utter irrelevance and what was said holds equal value whenever said  and by whom it was said and stands as an utternace judged or not by those who hear it or hear of it.

Of course quotes may be legitimately quoted but without attribution. And let’s be honest whatever someone famous is connected with saying, they weren’t the first. It had been said by many before becoming an owned phrase by a person deemed by the structures and institutions to be famous and more worthy than others. That in itself is reason enough to never attribute anything and to resist the ownership of language that is an assault on our very own artistic and human ways of expressing ourselves and only serves to belittle the individual who is actually the equal of any institution labelled great person as the every institutions of control whether they be academic, media, governmental, art industry or any other only wants denigrate us as humans and artists and position us to accept that others are falsely better than us. To resist such inhumane practices is to emancipate yourself and move to a less confused and creative state.


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