Restricting Freedom of Speech

The US has told Lebanon to not allow the leader of another country into part of its territory. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should not be allowed to go to the Lebanese south along the Israeli border as it may annoy the US and the ally that it obsequiously supports and evenb allows to spy on itself. France we hear supports this but maybe surprisingly the British see it as an infringement of Lebanese sovereignty, which of course it is.

What right do countries such as the US, France and Israel, who have between then massacred and oppressed millions of nameless dehumanized people around the world, have to dictate what another state should or should not do? Not content with their own institutions of indoctrination and propaganda attempting constant brainwashing and de-education of their own people they also want to prevent anyone of a divergent view from saying or doing anything.

So now we get the constant drumbeat of the evil Iran. A country that has been attacked by we ern backed Saddam Hussein and one that as soon as nuclear is mentioned is vilified while a complete blind eye was turned to theIsraeli development of nukes ages ago. And what is more dangerous a place in possessing nuclear weaponry, a country with no record of attacking neighbours or a country with a proven record of not only attacking but having no regard for civilian life? But of course the western media and educational apparatus of control will not pose a simple question like this.

And we see even the soi called liberal Guardian of the UK making the following statement: “Aluf Benn, a respected liberal columnist with the Haaretz newspaper, has suggested that Ahmadinejad be abducted and tried in Israel for incitement to genocide and Holocaust denial.” Quite how someone described as a liberal could advocate the abduction of another countries leader is beyond imagination and exposes a fascist rather than liberal demeanour. Still the media has its propaganda to spin. Quite how anyone from Israel can talk of another advocating genocide while willingly supporting their own countries policy of such through its turning of Gaza into a death camp with regular death sweeps carried out by its own jackbooted militia who sem more capable of fighting women and children than any armed enemy these days. And who believes in freedom of speech would want to try someone for holocaust denial. That si a direct infringement on freedom of speech. While this author would not deny the holocaust happened the right of people to freedom of speech must be defended. As Evelyn Beatrice Hall said: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”.


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