The Man Who Would be King

Rupert the First, King of the USA?

Following on from yesterday’s piece on democracy we now see that Rupert Murdoch has decided he will be become the first monarch of the United States of America with power to appoint, anoint and control his own set of representatives in the rather comically named Republican Party considering the creation of the first monarch of the USA is now the aim.

With virtually all the republican party’s elected  representatives now on the payroll of Murdoch’s vile propaganda machine known as Fox news with the bizarre motto “fair and balanced”, which Fox certainly isn’t, and with Murdoch together with other barons of the US such as the Coors pouring billions into buying not only the fealty of the representatives but also the votes needed to elect them, we see the US regressing to the kind of democracy that was seen in the UK and parts of Europe over a hundred years ago. This is no longer the “of the people by the people for the people” vision of democracy that was once promised but “of the people by the paid for whores for the rich and elite”. The US is now a travesty of what was once promised and no doubt the founding fathers would rise vampirically from their graves to wipe this blight away if they could.

Now confusionism recognizes the confusing and frustrating nature of democracy and that it exists as the most refined form of democracy but this latest development is taking it into realms far worse than this and is a move that no people deserve being visited on them. The nature of this anti-democracy must be pointed out at all opportunities and resistance to this subordinating of people and their desires and wants and needs to the interests of a small and ultra powerful clique of blood sucking corporate overlords must be constant. The future of this holds only an increase in propaganda and control through increasingly rigid and propagandized education and media systems with a concentration on hatred of the other and constant conflict and fear. This is the complete antipathy of the human condition and will result in increasing confusion and frustration and alienation for people and their communities as they become controlled through fear and hatred for others as a distraction from those that exploit and use them in reality. This time the curtain of real control has been opened and become clear to all. Will, though, people recognize it for what it is and the very danger it presages, or will the comfortable wealthy cossetted life provide distraction enough to blithely suck up the propaganda?

In the next few weeks if things go according to plan the USA will have its first monarch. King Rupert the first will be crowned with a victory of the Republican (sic) party. The country may still have a president but he will be impotent while the republican legislators will answer to King Rupert who will decide on the way the country will be governed.


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