Democracy – Four

So in what is described as the greatest democracy in the world and the one which appoints itself as a role model for the world and self appointed guardian of “freedom” as defined by itself, for everyone living in the world whether they want to be part of that or not, is about to hold a set of mundane mid-term elections in which 5 billion dollars have been spent compared to a mere 1 billion in the last presidential election.

Of course much of this is made possible by the decisions of the supreme corporate appointed court which previously decided a presidential election in 2000 by halting vote counting and deciding its own vote was more important than the people’s vote. Since then they have decided that giving money to political parties is freedom of expression and that corporate donors may remain anonymous. It is not often such blatant exposure of those who really control democratic process is revealed, codified and protected by supreme law.

If financial donations to parties didn’t work then they wouldnt happen. They buy favours of those law makers beholden to the donors and they buy media propaganda time which of course works. This is basic vote-buying on a bigger level than seen in the most corrupt new democracy in say Africa. The worlds role model for democracy and the worlds self-described greatest democracy on earth is exposed as a sham of what democracy means and a republic rife with vote manipulation through propaganda.

This upcoming election joins the recent British one as an expose of democracy as a failed and false ideology that offers nothing except another form of oppression which people experience an unnatural relationship with of having a stake in their own oppression. As time goes by and the power of the corporations and their allied structures and institutions is decreasing more and more exposure will be revealed although with the power of the propaganda institutions, falsely labelled as the free media, still very pervasive it will take time for people within the still cossetted and overly rich western democracies to recognise this and as such confusionists should remain aware of what is happening and willing to point out to others although without force or coercion. The upcoming US election like the recent British one are watershed events in history. What was promised can now be seen to have been a false and hopeless promise filled only with mirth and frustration for the individual or community outside the power structures.


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