Accessing Knowledge over Taught Knowledge

In the modern world with technology that now provides us with instant access to virtually all data and knowledge there is now far less need for the teaching of knowledge as part of education.

In education there has always been a mix of teaching skills and knowledge including some obvious propaganda myths of history and belief. However, now that everything is so easily and almost instantly accessible, the need in anything that can be described as real education is to add one more skill or in many cases to increasingly stress the skill of accessing information to those currently taught while reducing the teaching of knowledge per se.

That however runs into conflict with one role of education, which is propagandizing the people especially at children level, so it is debatable as to whether we will see the academic industry teach in a way that will undermine itself. However, as it is impossible to at least some degree teach people how to access information and it is even more impossible to deny access to the information. There is a contradiction going to develop between the teaching of knowledge and the accessing of knowledge that runs counter to what is taught.

As we have stated before contradictions are a natural part of life and a positive thing as they encourage the asking of questions even without the prospect of an answer, so these developments are from a confusionist perspective only positive especially if a move to accessing knowledge rather than being taught it is one way or another achieved as this in more in line with our human condition.


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