Denying Freedom of Expression

So the French state has decided that women cannot wear the burqa in public. Whatever bizarre, fascistic and xenophobic way the institute of state, those that operate within it and those subordinated by it want to propagandize this move it is clearly a complete denial of the freedom to express yourself and another retrograde move by a weak state threatened by diversification of thought and expression that weakens its control over its ability to propagandize its people and perpetuate itself.

Confusionists should totally reject such reactionary and anti-human actions and recognize them for what they are and help to point this out. As the modern world develops, the weakness of those that control and their ability to continue to manipulate and turn us against our natural human condition becomes more exposed and obvious and their reactions and actions become increasingly bizarre.

In any society worth calling such, any individual should be allowed to express themself in any way they want unless of course it oppresses another. To think that someone covering their face is a threat to anyone is not only ridiculous and a direct attack on freedom of expression but is also even hypocritical when not extended to those who restrict ability to see their face in other ways, not that confusionists would deny them their right to do so too.


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