Educational Changes

With all the changes in modern technology and ability now for people to instantly access information, there is no longer any need for things to be learnt while in education. Education as a practical tool rather than education as a conceptual tool, which is a different matter and one that western democracies do not have as part of their educational disciplines, should now be about teaching how to find what you need to know as opposed to teaching knowledge. And of course trying to instil an ethos of sharing that is one thing that drives the current availability of information.

What chance is there that the educational and academic industries of control will make this change considering it is actually empowering people to move away from their control? Educational institutes no longer have a lock on control of knowledge. Knowledge is now so widely available and to any person with an internet connection that a revolution in education is happening as we live although it may be unrecognized right now. The self-perpetuation of the academic industry will have to see it make changes that run contra to its own conservative nature and hence there  is an opportunity that the self-perpetuation concept in this case may falter and break although the ability of these restrictive structures to maintain themselves and their power is not to be underestimated.


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