One Year of Confusion

Well that is the first year past. What started out as a few drunken hours in a small restaurant on the Bang Saen beach front has now seen a total of 245 posts covering a range of topics from art, literature, poltics, philosophy, warfare, life and of course also not to be forgotten the both Brighteyes and G’s writing. A lot has happened in the year and we have enjoyed it. We hope those visiting the sit ehave too and fully intend to take things forward in the coming year with more of everythign and maybe a few new things including we hope a few new contributors.  

A few highlights from year one:

About 8000 visitors from 30-40 countries

Busiest day: Monday August 9 – 143 visitors.

Busiest month: August 2010 – 2254 visitors

Most popular individual page: Vignettive Writing – 393 views.

Most linked to or mentioned piece: Fifth Generation Warfare


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