Fragmentary Writing Theory – Two

Life is experienced in pieces and packets and characterized by incomplete and misunderstood or misinterpreted things or basically parcels that need interpreting by filling in of the blanks that different people may do in different ways. Maybe some wont even do this at all but accept the parts as they are unanalysed. This in many ways is magnified with globalization and the increasing mixing up of cultures that have different mores, beliefs, languages and philosophical and value systems and this exposing of one to another is happening far mor frequently with modern communication and technology.

Fragmentary writing produced by confusionists, or maybe in this case we should use the confusionist term vignettive writing, will try to honestly reflect this experience of life as seen by the author in written literature and other written pieces.

And ultimately, by this consideration, fragmentary and perpetual writing merge together for under the perpetual writing notion there is no completeness in the lifelong works of an author except in when the author departs the planet. the author leaving behind what is an incomplete set of work complete with gaps, holes and no conclusion that may or may not interest others but if it does then leaving that person or those people to react in their own individual ways to what remains in the natural producer-experiencer relationship with incompleteness and doubt always hovering.

See also: Fragmentary Writing Theory – One and Fragmentary Writing Theory – Three

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