Confusionism – The Future

Over the past year the main concepts and precepts of confusionism have been outlined and built upon even if in a somewhat disorganised manner. In the coming year there will be less need to build on these foundation blocks beyond at some point organizing and summarizing them in a single page piece.

The coming period in terms of theory will see a move more to building on the theories, ideas and notions that stem from these building blocks and which have impact on how we as confusionists produce art, analyse the world, seek a path and identify and view major world changes.

There are already further pieces on fragmentary writing theory or vignettive writing theory in the pipeline as this is it seems turning out to be a major literary art form within confusionism fitting in so easily as it does with its incompleteness. The whole notion of perpetual writing as opposed to stylised, genre-based and labelled tradional writing forms will also be expanded on.

In world analysis of events and changes a further piece on fifth generation warfare will also be appearing in the next few weeks. This will attempt to build on and identify key features of fifth generation warfare from a neutral perspective away from the one-sided military industrial complex influenced Lindian denial.

Increasingly looking at technology, its role in our lives and its potential and restrictions for confusionists and establishment alike, is long overdue and this previous omission will be examined in more detail in the coming year starting with an overall look at technology and the reaction to its liberating potential by those that control. A more detailed piece on the implications and possibilities for art concentrating ion written art will also be released.

The coming period is going to be one of moving forward and trying not to lose dynamism as we do with core concepts expanded into more practical areas while always bearing in mind that confusionism does not claim to be the only way or only way to analyse or to be right in everything but finally jus a different and maybe more revolutionary way of examining that around us, recognizing it for what it is and hopefully finding paths to express ourselves and to understand and in an ultimate analysis these two things are inextricably linked.


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