Sixteen – One

How fucking stupid to be sixteen and pregnant. How fucking stupid to be sixteen and cursed with herpes too. How had I managed to achieve this? I who was not one of those poor uneducated pieces of trash who usually end up like this, but I who had every advantage that money, and lots of it at that, could bring. I who even those that don’t like me, and there are plenty of those, would say am smart, very smart and street wise too. I who had the whole world at my feet. Good looks, smart brain, body to die for, fun, humorous and easy-going. Yeah I know it sounds like one of those tacky personal ads written by desperate social rejects that no normal person would want, but in my case totally true. Just take a look at me and spend a few hours with me and you’ll know its true. And now with life screwed. And you think this is going to one of those tales where I tell you all about the shocking detail of what I got up to, and a lot of it would shock most, well no. It aint like that and if that is what you want to hear about well just stop reading now and go play with yourself while watching some porn for losers on the web. Me, I’m going to tell my story the way I want and not the way any no life tosser wants to hear just for their own personal fantasy. Anyway I have an appointment down the abortion place right now so we will have to leave this until later. See you again tomorrow or the day after. I’m not sure on that one right now, but you know where to find me if you are interested.


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