EPL – addendum

In a quite timely manner after yesterdays piece on the English premier league, it is coming out today that the Chinese government may be behind a bid for Liverpool football club. This, if true, only further exposes the money link that is vital for success and moves everything to a new level. the EPL as a sporting event is dead and has been for a long time. Even as a business it is probably worse than most others for the owners but it does have vale in propaganda, drug like distraction and control in a way not dissimilar in role to that of the media.

Of course quite why the government of China, the new role model, would want to invest its sovereign wealth in a business that is hard to realise in investment in is not clear and so maybe the link will turn out to just be some piece of marketing to sell newspapers dreamed up in a bar by some drunken editor or journalist. There could of course be some imager building effort in the heads of the Chinese government but quite why invest in one team which may have a few tens of millions of supporters world-wide but has even more who hate it world-wide as that is the nature of football supporters. It is the league itself and its marketing, publicity and TV mass market that exerts the control. Each club only drags in varying amounts of the converted to the cult, and controlling the whole concept would seem to have more value to a nation.


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