English Premier League and Morons

These days you would have to be an utter moron to support an English Premier League team, and yet the funny thing is that people who think, usually mistakenly, that they are sharp about what is happening around them, support teams and let it change their whole mood and persona based on a result that 90% of the time was predetermined by money. All they are supporting is a brand name. Would anyone support Pepsi Cola or Coca Cola and let it interfere with their whole life? Only a sociopath surely.

Anyone supporting an EPL team is actually the most accepting and conformist of everyone as they have allowed the marketers to control their lives. Nowadays EPL teams are big money and if say Liverpool or Manchester City have the most they will after a time win the most. This isn’t about supporting an ethos of sport or a local city, but a bunch of deluded losers just aligning with something that is guaranteed to win because of money. It has indeed become the opium of the masses. It is no different from any other business practice except in one arena. The customers are utterly under the influence and super conformist compared with customers of anything else.

Confusionists must be aware of this and while maybe recognising the art in a game of football also recognizing that to support a team is to be used by those that control and used in the lowest form. It is the ultimate form of marketing and the most effective in a similar way to democracy because people are willing to be part of their own delusion. Save yourself and don’t be a willing moron ignore the EPL and all the brand names people end up sappishly donating either money or time to.

In the final analysis, the EPL is just another structure or institution carrying out its role of undermining people and their natural condition as are all the people employed by it including the moronic players who people identify with. Dont be a moron like Stevie G. We all have better things to do with our lives than worry about this ridiculous creation of control and propaganda. Lets get on with them.


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