So we see the reaction of the US leadership both political and military to the leaking of thousands of papers on the Afghan adventure and it isn’t a response to the evidence of hiding civilian casualties and trying to cover up war crimes. Equally it isn’t a response to evidence that the coalition allies are hated by the locals and that the hearts and minds battle has been totally lost. No it is some bizarre claim that those leaking it are putting at risk US lives. Now how is this so if leaking documents show that the policies are so failed and that the mission is more about slaughtering innocent civilians and covering it up leads to a loss fo public support for the war and hence a withdrawal leading to less US and coalition military deaths?

No as confusionists have argued many times it s the purpose of the administration and military to support the decided on policy no matter how discredited and ridiculous that policy is and as argued in recent pieces on fourth generation warfare and fifth generation warfare to propagandize defeat into victory. The people can quite simply not be allowed to see the truth of utterly humiliating defeat and policies of massacres of civilians complete with grand cover ups and in case of course that an ally is actually acting as more of an ally of the enemy than of the coalition.

Yet again the curtain has moved and the true intent of self propagation of the structures and institutions is exposed. These leaks and the western powers inability to totally control modern technology are a positive thing in trying to lift the veil to expose what is really happening although initially it confuses people who don’t expect their governments and militaries to act in such a way but in the longer term it reduces confusion as the truth actually becomes accessible. In the meantime we can expect furious assaults on those who expose such things and attempts to close down any form of free speech not liked by the western powers under the names of security risk and fear. In fact building fear in ordinary people will become a very important part of this and the powers will not stop at anything to achieve it. As confusionists we must remain vigilant and aware of these games and plans and to be honest plugging the leaks will not be easy for them so their own attempts to build fear in us may backfire if these are themselves exposed.

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