Democracy Three

They just had an election in the UK and it resulted in a hung parliament not that the result was going to change anything whatever it was. However sometimes the actions of the institutions and structures that control reveal their true nature of existing to self perpetuate themselves and electoral democracy is a simple way of seeing this.

So you have a system in which the 30% or so that are totally alienated from the system and hence don’t bother voting are not even considered and have no way of changing anything. And you have something called a constituency system in which most constituencies rarely or even never change hands and in which all the votes that were delivered for other than the first past the post winner are totally ignored. Add these ignored votes to the 30% who don’t vote and you are usually well past 50% of the electorate already.

Then you have some academic invention called plurality which basically means a minority get to rule over the majority based on a gerrymandered and unfair system where it is possible for winners to have received only 30% or even less of the total electorate endorsing them. However, as it is all nicely and academically explained and propagandized and turned into an exciting pseudo sports game of winner and loser or also-rans, nobody bothers asking how a system developed where what the majority wanted never ever triumphs.

And a few years ago in the US we had a situation where a president with less votes beat one with mor votes. Again around a third didn’t vote for either and the victor had a sub-30% of the total electorate. Even more interestingly a court ,and one that is politically appointed at that, decided to halt vote recounting and effectively declare a winner on a court majority of one while stating their decision could not be held as a precedent.

While of course this is all about power and has absolutely nothing to do with any real notion of democracy, it is easy to be beguiled and misled by the systems variety of propaganda apparatus. Confusionists of course describe the ‘democratic‘ systems that exist as false and propagandized monoliths throughout the western world and recognise them more as the ultimate form of oppression and repression as are given a stake in their own oppression for the first time with so-called democracy. However, even that analysis doesn’t go far enough and needs refinement as that stake as we have seen is totally false or a mere mirage of hope not given and that contradiction in itself only gives rise to increased confusion and frustration.


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