I had forgotten it, so I had to return to the house. Quite how I could have forgotten such a vital piece even if it wasnt very big was beyond me. I must be getting forgetful or old and it occurred to me that I should be more vigilant and take better care than maybe I had in the past.

 When I had left Justin had finished fixing things and I was ready to go. On returning it was all a little different. Going through the gate, I saw the main door was open and could hear the sound of music from somewhere inside the house. I called out Justin’s name a few times but to no avail. Oh well the door was open and I needed to get this over so things would be back to normal. The main door led straight into the lounge and there on the floor was Jerry. I hadn’t even noticed him in the house before, but I hadn’t really been looking. Jerry was just laid out on the floor with his eyes open staring straight at the white washed ceiling and strip light but not seeing anything. I didn’t need this.

The office was upstairs so I headed that way. The door was ajar and the music now getting louder was coming from the office. A regular beat of poor rock music I didn’t recognize. I called Justin’s name again but there was still no answer. In the office I saw Justin sitting in his big chair with his back towards me, but still he didn’t respond. Anyway I guessed it would be on the desk in front of Justin and went over to it. Justin was in the chair but like Jerry downstairs although his eyes remained open he wasnt seeing anything and any more attempt at talking to him was obviously a waste of time. Jerry and Justin had been stupidly careless even in the short time I had known them, but now was not a time to worry about them. I noticed it on the desk though and just picked it up. It was time to get out of the house and leave the music playing to the now unhearing ears of Jerry and Justin. Quite where Anna was I didn’t know and wasnt going to bother myself trying to find out.

Back at the apartment I now had everything I needed to reassemble the completed and fixed article so vital to my work. Now I could relax and soon my work could be continued although it may be time to move from this town and I didn’t want any accidental meeting with Anna which could interfere with my well laid plans.


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