So to drug and sodomize a 13-year-old girl is OK for the denizens of the art industry who try to excuse behaviour that would see harsh prison sentences rightly given to any other person. It is OK for members of the art industry. The art industry have for years allowed the work of Polanski to continue uninterrupted, and how many members of the said industry have happily worked alongside this person?

And of course the world of cinematography likes to knock out films showing evil doer getting their come uppance and making moralistic stances and yet indulges in the ultimate hypocrisy while regurgitating such nonsense that is purely aimed at us and not them.

And with a Swiss spokesperson saying that Polanski went to the country in good faith to pick up an award and so shouldnt be extradited. Would such reasoning be used for ordinary people wanted for heinous crimes and ones that nobody is saying didn’t happen?

Every now and again the art industry and the controllers allow the curtain to slip[ and expose what they are truly about and how things are not the same for initiates of their structures and organizations as they are for us. And sometimes it is not a pretty site they leave but one which they rally round trying to find some mitigating or apologising factor for. Even in a case as simple and clear-cut as this one.


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