Wan’s Story – Excerpt Three

Well now I have my little shop in Ayutthaya and my husband works in the factory next to my little shop and my youngest sister Pun is staying with me working in another factory and trying to do one of those distance learning degrees. That is so hard you know but good luck to her as she has been a good girl and not only made it through school and then technical college in the town but also avoided the temptations that I found so appealing in my earlier life although not quite so much as my middle sister Ann. But no I wont talk about that. It would be wrong. She can tell if you if she wants but I wont.

You know, people don’t understand. They always want to put you in these little boxes that explain everything to them but actually all their ideas are just wrong. It makes me so mad at times. You know back when I was a teenager and I was doing all those things with drugs and older men people thought it was because I was poor. They think you have to have sex for money because you are poor. How insulting is that? When I was doing that there were plenty of people, boys and girls, doing it who were not poor and most of my poor friends wouldn’t have dreamed of selling themselves. People do have pride. Do you know I have one woman who comes here in a nice new Toyota sometimes to buy cigarettes. About 30 she must be and nicely dressed and she went to one of those expensive catholic schools in Korat. Her family have businesses and big houses. She even has a master’s degree. You wouldn’t believe how many men sponsor her. That is what they call it – sponsors. You don’t hear about that much do you? Rich girls who sell themselves. It is always poor ones and because they are poor and oh they are such poor little uneducated things. Rubbish. Most poor girls don’t sell themselves. They don’t have to. You dont starve in this country and there are lots of jobs if you want to do them, and most people do.

The girls I have seen working that way just like it and they like the little things they can get easily by doing it. Of course not many think about what will happen when they are thirty or forty or about how they are viewed by most people. The ones who come from poorer families can get nice clothes, new mobile phones, a cheap apartment and gold and maybe be happy. The ones who come from wealthier families aim higher, a nice condo, a new phone, a notebook, an allowance, sponsorship or some other set up that means you aren’t obvious and of course the ones with the high education don’t get noticed so much. It isn’t about class or how wealthy you are as much as about mindset.

Anyway soon the factory will be turning out and my husband will be coming home and the night-shift will be coming here for their early morning whisky. I have better things to do than talk about that stuff. And it makes me angry the way nobody understands. Maybe next time we can talk about something different, so you should be getting on your way as I have work to do.


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