There is nothing worth any of us dying for because we only die to empower another and new exploiter of us. And one equally as bad as the last one. Real revolution occurs when we realise that we don’t need to die for anyone or anything. Revolution is self realisation that we cannot with revolutionary leaders and leadership change everything that matters in our human condition ourselves.

We don’t need those who proclaim to lead us to something better. Anyone who wants to lead a revolution is only someone who wants to become whatever they are seeking to replace. We should distance ourselves from revolutionaries who are basically no better than what they seek to overthrow and recognise that genuine revolution is in us all and it doesn’t require any leadership beyond us ourselves recognizing our natural human condition as opposed to the false natures propagandized into us from birth until death on a daily basis by the structures and institutions that control.

Revolutionary leaders in the final analysis hail from the very structures and institutions that control us and act as precursors to the continued self perpetuation of the controlling forces by slight adaptation. This is not revolution and will never lead to emancipation.


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