Last night there were high winds after everyone had gone to sleep. High winds usually presage a storm in thew tropics. This time though as the light dry earth and leaves were blown around and anything left lying around outside became flotsam in the rapidly eddying winds, no rain came. It is almost a month since the last light rainfall and more than three since any fall worth describing as such and one is needed now and overdue. In the places the wells have run dry and the chance for early crops is receding here even as it rises in other most distant areas. After last season’s low yield low quality rice crop caused by a lack of water a good harvest is needed this time.

This morning is overcast with the occasional squall of light meandering wind and for a while it looks like the rain may finally come, but as the last man of the village climbs into the pick up to go to dig a well at a distant building site  the clouds start to break a little and suddenly it is noticeably warmer and there is more light by which to write this, old style with pencil into a paper notebook. Still the light breezes persist and try again but there seems less urgency and less hatred in them now. Defeated and like the pick up workers sitting back for another day of the same and waiting for the arrival of the sought after and longed for bride but now constantly jilted, but one day, one day surely the arrival will come with her in her full glory.

Then later, a while later, she is coming or so it seems. At first a few drops heard on a tin roof and then a light smattering, even a light fall but refusing to increase. A few of the bridesmaids even at the event now but petering out and then light again but constantly varying between drops and the light fall. Teasing, for this bride is coquettish and nobody seems to know when exactly she will deign us with her presence. And once again the light wind giving up and slumbering again and once again realising trickery had him panting for another false dawn and another hoped and even longed for arrival of his bride but yet again she withdrawing after just a the briefest of glimpses leaving him wanting her more but knowing that satisfaction would only come when she allowed it.


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