Perpetual Writing

Perpetual writing is the confusionist notion that writing has no end and continues for a lifetime with interruption but not necessarily an endpoint per se at death.

In this concept writing is not divided into subsets of novels, poems, essays, comments etc but exists in its entirety as a single piece reflecting the expression of a writer during their whole life. There is no real end except the death of the author which brings no completion so it remains fragmentary or vignettive in approach and equally there is not real start, just when the earliest pieces are found.

The notion also considers that every piece is in some way connected and cannot be examined, understood or analysed in separate pieces. The notion of say a novel  or an essay are just pandering to industry standard and are false divisions. The notion of editing or revision or subsequent draft are also considered false for every piece that at some point is changed or edited at a later date is actually two separate and unique pieces of expression that stand as part of the whole body of writing produced in a lifetime. This body though will remain incomplete and without conclusion but incompleteness is a major confusionist value linking this writing notion in with other confusionist thought.

Of course a reader will maybe interact and react or not to the whole or part of the body. However, it is wrong to assume that the writer has to package this into parcels labelled as novel, novella, poem, poetry collection etc. The reader will as in real life react to parts or bigger portions as they chose to and the writer cannot direct that and should not try to either.

Maybe the only true way in which written expression can be assembled by the writer to truly reflect their expression is by date and time. This will mean a jumbling of all kinds of pieces of writing but will also reflect the process of expression with a greater reality (in the real meaning of the word) and also link in with the confusion people find around them again being closer to reality while also enabling the observer to draw what they want rather than be falsely directed by author, editor or industry into nicely packaged and mundane and easily recognised segments but ones that are little if anything to do with real expression or art and certainly nothing to do with reality.

The basic idea though of perpetual writing is that it is never finished or complete and it is perpetual in that it is always continuing. There is no actual piece of complete expression in reality but just pieces of a larger and never complete segment.


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