Fame and Fortune

Anyone who is seeking fame and fortune through their expression is certainly not producing anything that could be described as art or even real or valid expression but producing just affected gunk that the industry will allow to reach the heights of fame and fortune striven for.

To seek fame and fortune is to prostitute your own potential for real expression and art; to allow your creativity to be manipulated or to self manipulate according to what is learned, understood and accepted. Those taking this path should no longer be considered as artists or free thinkers but be sadly regarded as yet more who have succumbed to the pressures and propaganda around us. We should always remain aware of how these pressures can lead us from what we are and undermine us, which ultimately just causes greater confusion and frustration as to express yourself is natural but only remains natural when done without any of the deviating influences that surround and direct us.

However appealing fame and fortune may be in th society that has been carefully created and crafted around us, it must be resisted at all times for us to remain true to ourselves and our nature.


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