Well the great oil spill continues off the coast of the US and being off the coast of the world’s preeminent nation it gets constant coverage. Those that control though will not want the real issues of this tragedy to people and their communities mentioned. The whole affair is brought about because of unsustainable and greedy desires that directly relate to the confusion people find themselves in. It is not natural to be part of destroying your own environment, nature and future, but you are offered and told you need a certain lifestyle and have it propagandized into you from the day you are born and yet it flies in the face of the nature of the human condition where you wont destroy all around you in tre name of what you may not even want let alone need and modern bastardized western society is based entirely upon making people think they need things and if that cant be achieved making people want things.

Expecting more disasters like the oil spill is the only future if this condition continues to exist. Or maybe we should phrase that differently expecting more of these tragedies closer to home is what should be expected as at least be honest these tragedies and worse have been going on in far off places for aeons to support the current system but because these places are far off, poor and their people don’t count as equal to a westerner they don’t get reported; there is no need to heap guilt on those causing the suffering because of their artificially induced desires but when it gets closer to home…… Of course expect the usual villifying of a few names pushed through the legal system of those who control and expect some humongous sounding financial penalties to be applied so we can all say some kind of justice has been done and then get back to the unsustainable system.

Confusionists don’t want to fixate on politics too much but every now and then a story comes up that highlights not only the confused state people live in but the true nature of the structures and institutions in doing everything to perpetuate the system while guiding things away from reality.


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