Pon was and is a nymphomaniac. Right now she is staying with me or maybe I should say me and my wife and daughter. She used to live opposite in the house supplied by her husband’s parents. Things didn’t really work out well and they now live together sometimes in Khorat in between fights and drama. What most people don’t realise is that it is a true and enduring love that will not end. It wont end in spite of the string of others currently four in number but including the one she had come to meet down our way. Having met him on the internet it was strange when he turned out to be a friend of the couple she used to live next door to in our soi resulting in a few embarrassed dashes down the soi in sunglasses and head turned neither of which made her any less noticeable not that the erstwhile neighbours cared anyway not being into drama. It was a love that would go on despite Sam her husband having once again managed to get into debt. This time to the company he worked for. Unable to pay it he had called his mother who had sent a pick up truck to get him into which he managed to put every possession in their house in Korat bar most of Pons clothes and a pair of his black socks, but none of the furniture or fittings remained, and head straight to his family home in Bangkok.

Wan’s first marriage to the long time boyfriend from the village that she had run away from was bound to not last and indeed it didn’t. M was one of those quiet ones. Wan managed to get through quite a few different men in that short and not very intense first marriage that probably only lasted for a year or two. Wan remains to this day the only person I have ever met who actually did hide a man in a wardrobe when her husband came home early and unexpectedly although in this case it was one of those plastic zip up wardrobes that hung from a light aluminium frame found in so many room for rent’s across Thailand’s urban areas, rather than a wooden monster of age-old British comedy, and hence didn’t really hide anything at all. After that Wan became a regular visitor to her auntie in a neighbouring province although her auntie never saw her once.

It was about eight o’clock when the wind suddenly blew into an intense gale and suddenly the rain was gushing in torrents. This time the wind did not abate allowing a constant stream of vertical rain to fall as with most tropical storms but both wind and intensity of rain kept up lifting the false ceiling tiles and blowing everything from the days washing to a plastic box of shells collected form a distant shore and an empty can of mosquito spray around the parking bay as the collection of empty wine and liquor bottles took turns to emulate the old song by crashing down from the wall strangely enough without a single one breaking. Then the lights and power went in the rear three rooms. No fuse blown. It was obviously some disturbance in the roof space.

I don’t know where Pon met her husband. I do know that Sam came from a wealthy family whose father had at some time been something important ion the government and while having a keen interest in art had been through university and trained as an architect. Having done so he promptly had to spend a year in jail for something to do with methamphetamines rather than embarking on a career of designing either architectural masterpieces or bland boring nonentity buildings.

It must have been around one in the morning after making three small cans of Leo last over a 4 hour period that for some reason I tried the light to the toilet and found it came on again. Quite what laws of physics allowed this to happen I didn’t know but it was off to bed.

I do know that Pon came from a family of succesful vendors in Korat and attended one of the best schools up there staying in dormitories while studying. I also know that Pon then for some reason dropped out of school and eventually then turned up taking some course or other in a technical college. Her three best friends all went through university taking a first and then second degree before deciding that careers as prostitutes were far better than any of the other options that opened up to anyone with such a level of qualification, so off to Japan went one while the other two worked and continue to do so as some of the best educated escorts available in Bangkok. It was while at technical school that Pon met Sam. She was body pierced in places you couldn’t imagine although to be honest I did on occasion try to imagine and was making alternative handicrafts. Quite how they met I do not know.

It was in the middle of the night that my wife woke me to tell me that all the electric in the other rooms was now back on. I found it quite hard to get back to sleep after that even though not pondering how things in parts of houses could go on and off without any rhyme or reason.

Pon had decided that she was going to divorce Sam and go to see him in the morning to get him to sign the papers with her. After a night of crying and intermittent sleep that was induced by the latest latest addiction of antihistamines which had replaced the alcohol addiction last time I had seen her she got up and decided that actually she loved him after all and wouldn’t divorce him but that she just needed another man to talk to as Sam was a quiet one. So another day was spent with us in between furtive strolls up the soi to meet the latest on the big road.

Quite where Pon and Sam’s children were or what they were doing seemed to be somethign I never discovered on this visit as my wife now tells me Pon has just left although to go where she didnt seem sure.


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