It is fast approaching a time for a little sojourn in the rural heartlands of Northern Thailand away from modern technology of any description, so a short break in posting will occur from this author although thoughts and notes may be recorded in the old-fashioned way for posting at a later date.

Removal from modern life and time in a life far removed from that is a time to open eyes and learn. As has been said many times on here before often those in less developed areas are well ahead of us in seeing things with clarity and devoid of propagandization of academia and far ahead of us in expressing themselves as they truly feel and in producing real art devoid of the all the industry control and academic indoctrination of art. Hence this trip will be a chance for some renewal and some experience and learning in the true meaning of the word if I can remain open enough to it together with further opportunites to expand freedom and liberation on a persoanl level.


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