Up the new road today there was no sun early just large melancholy clouds a mix of grey and white with just the faintest hint of the bright light that was shrouded behind them. A slight bright border or maybe a flash of a single ray. The new road goes straight from the intersection until a gentle dog leg curve about half way up. On the left of this there now stands a fake or real wooden building. A building with only one wall and with heavy hard wooden benches and chairs around a heavy chunky wooden tables. A new cowboy style steak place about to open where a year ago a set of joists with a green roof atop had announced the opening of a food center and where a few months before that had stood an open swamp filled with white birds of some heron or dipper type.

At Wonapha pier, or maybe that was a grandiose word for the short stubby wooden platform that headed out into the sea to welcome the seafarers home, the boats stood in the lee just having returned from a hunting sortie and on the beach in a tangle of nets were fishermen trying to untangle the small blue crabs form their tackle as young and old men and women but mostly women meandered amongst them arranging purchases of the freshly caught and still mobile crabs. Across from the action sat the now silent pub that for the first time I noticed now occupied three of the single storey small shophouses. The last time I came down this way it had only occupied one.

Heading out in the early morning onto the parking area built over the sea at Lam Taen to feel the early morning wind which at times could be so fresh and strong and multi directional but today light, limp and hardly noticeable. The wall in the corner now knocked down and a sand ramp built down to the seabed to allow the great monsters to move down when nature allowed. And today neither parked up on the raised cement but both down maneuvering and moving wet earth across from the edge of the car park. Lifting and clearing, the two giant crabs between the new cement stakes rising out of the seabed on which would be put the cement platforms to create the third part of the parking area. Today the tide was low and out and in the low sludge and mud the two powerful long-necked yellow  waders moved quickly and efficiently between the columns. Back around the parking area on the raised walkways  on the sea side of the construction a plethora of people sleeping in the open or sitting still drinking the remains of a bottle of warm beer or whisky after a nights partying or exercising in the early morning humid still greyness.

Today after several years I finally got a puncture in the bicycle. It is funny it happened one week after the pick up for the first time became difficult to change gear in, or at least difficult until I managed to reverse into a joist holding the roof of the house up and create a jolt that had me slam the brakes on. After that the gear change seemed to be slick again although the rear bumper and step were now at a different angle that required two nuts to be loosened to straighten them up again but the heat and humidity remain too oppressive to do something as difficult as that.


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