Writing One

Fragmentary writing and in particular the confusionist strain of it, vignettive writing, have to date been the most used styles of writing by confusionist authors in expressing their creativity.

However, theta is not to say other ways of writing cannot be used. Indeed any style or anti-style can be used that shows the confused, frustrating and real life we live as individuals and communities. And by real meaning as we see it ourselves and as it is seen by our communities and not as defined by any bigger, outside, structural, academic or artistic body.

Confusionists strive to encourage people to produce their own works and to express themselves in their own natural way and obviously this extends beyond writing into all forms of expression and within this there really is no limit as confusuonism is revolutionary and dynamic and will not be dogmatic. Express yourself as you want and show your reality as you want and not within a paradigm set by others. Allow the stream of creativity to flow unfettered and not held back by fear.


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