My Writing

I recognize now that all my previous preconceived ideas of writing were wrong and that through the cleansing process of writing my true art is beginning to be exposed.

Previously I was working on a novel, short stories, a concept piece an autobiography, and pieces of poetry. Everything was compartmentalized as we are taught into traditional forms and even genres with all the components of what a piece of writing should have according to the art industry that subverts and destroys our own expression.

Now I realise that my works are starting to meld together bits of each thing I had previously tried to keep separate and I realise that this is natural and reflects the stream of creativity as it naturally flows. When I write something it may or will include pieces of many ideas and trains of thought and as it stands as a piece of art or expression it should remain unsorted for others to make what they want of it even if it attracts their attention.

I also realise that natural expression and art is not something that has a pat start, middle and end even if stuffed into some juxtaposed menagerie of order but something that is only limited by lifespan. A work starts and never ends unless a timely or untimely death signifies any real end at all. The thread of many ideas and stories will manifest themselves in many pieces of my writing over the years. In what order they come out or whether they ever conclude will depend merely on the stream of creativity. No effort will be made to create art industry defined stylised pieces.

It is obvious too that the online media is also a good vehicle for this kind of art as it is easily expressed ands the online media has also created a generation or maybe that should read exposed a generation where societal defined reality and societal defined fantasy tend to merge into one in a natural manner. This further creates an imperative to create art that crosses societies ill-defined and wrong barriers as we expose our own realities in what we create and reality is just what is real to each of us.

Writing will now tend to be mixed and merged and skipped as in the way so much ion life is actually this way and indeed it was this confusion that first gave rise to the notion of confusionism, and that confusionist art will often defy any style or label known but just reflect our individual realities, lives and pure emotion.


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