Same but Different

Editing and rewriting are just damaging the art and expression that flowed naturally from within and confusionists believe should be avoided. They are usually pandering to the art industry either while being trained, which means having the natural art and expression removed or when aiming at pecuniary or egocentric goals. Anything produced for these purposes ceases to be art or natural expression.

However, it is possible that when reading a work already produced a desire to extend, expand or even alter it will be felt. This is natural but what it is extended to, expanded to or altered to will be a new work of art or expression while what it started as will remain a separate piece of art or expression equally valid and different. What we produce at different times even if very very similar are based on different mood, feeling and stream of creativity and hence will be different pieces however alike. Although again concentrating on writing here, this concept is entirely valid for other forms of art too.


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