Interlude Six

Well it is rapidly approaching a year since the inception of confusionism and a body of philosophy, art, and creative pieces is rapidly approaching two hundred. Many vignettive and fragmentary pieces of writing are now up on the site. 

In recent times the movement has made its revolutionary statement to no longer be responsive but directing with a more emancipatory aim. based around reality where reality is what we as individuals and within our communities experience and not some pat society decided thing.

Soon there will be another meeting of the confusionists in Thailand although the date and exact venue have yet to be decided.

Right now for this writer the stream of creativity is slow, which is a natural thing. There is as we have seen no such thing as writers block but just the ever-changing flow of the stream of creativity. It remains to be seen in the case of this writer how the flow will change over the next period but works will only be added when they are natural and have flowed from within. Artificial we need to get something up pieces will not be produced.

There are still many confusionist works to come and they will in their own time, and the long overdue seven precepts of confusionism will see the light of day when it is natural for them to do so.

Other works that there will be follow-up pieces on include Fourth Generation Warfare where a piece on fifth generation warfare will follow, and the Advent of Writing where a piece on technological change bringing us full circle will be launched in the future.


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