People worry about losing what they have, losing what they are. Being seen in a bad or humiliating way. People don’t want to take risks, people are scared to live

If people woke up they’d have a better life. I don’t mean like political revolution or something but individual awakening. A personal revolution

Everyone should say what they think. I aint special. Nobody is. It is maybe more about time, opportunity and just if you are lucky an ability or chance to just get a glimpse of a different life

Charles is a great guy but he worries about putting the world to rights too much – politically like. He would be awesome if he started to think about it more individually

Too many people get caught in do good politics which is too big and grand for anyone to have an effect on. And by being big always ending up corrupted. You can only change yourself at the end of the day


Funny how weather affects people so much. They can’t have much else to worry about and maybe they have nothing to be positive about


The lows generate the highs and the highs are high because of the lows ands vice versa I think

Modern western society and right now the whole world aspires to this means cosseted pampered existences where there are no lows and everything is protected. Ergo there just won’t be any highs


It’s a long way a long road

All roads lead back to where they started


There is a book called rich dad poor dad and I thought about rich

Geezers I knew

And how they never spent

Time with their kids

And thought somewhere there is a new angle on what rich and poor are


Just think lying there dying and thinking of all the shit you never did

What song

It’s an oldie.



What u doing today

Home is ok. A returning feeling

Game theory sounds boring

Agree on Edinburgh. Spent some time there many years ago

Northfields I think it was called and remember Arthur’s seat and the tenements and castle

And the heroin addicts of the 80s

Guess there’d be enough interactions


Better than hate

Should be



Who paid?

Maybe juvenile but

Well if you don’t believe in the concept of Europe. Europe can’t have a culture or can it

Actually there can be a European culture but no Europe

It’s a picture I think

Maybe of Greek myths or something like that

Way I look at it

Europe is a false construct to keep us all nailed down, working and with some false or real enemies

America too but juvenile as you say

N Australia except that is a newly born bastard baby

Go on

I’m missing your point

Better than them

Yankee culture is juvenile for sure but far more influential than EU culture which riles back

Anyway there are lots of Chinese while the EU and yanks row over cultural supremacy

Exactly right who gives a fuck?


They are things we don’t control so understand but realize you can’t do anything

Foolish concept to think a vote matters but one that is needed for western representative pluralistic democracy to continue


It’s like Logans run

They just on their 30th birthday

Kept lining up to go to a better place

When people wank on about democracy meaning pluralistic i.e. nobody actually gets a majority of the vote and representative meaning useless corrupt opinionated todgers who don’t listen to you

Well when people wank on about it ask em why there is no direct democracy when the technology now exists to have total direct democracy and no elected representatives

Recognize the illusions


At least look for them

But live life

I think we both

Are into that

I reckon so

Works for me

I like your don’t try to put the world to rights

Been there tried it and got frustrated ages ago

Indeed. Physician heal thyself


For me there is a lot to live. There are things that I couldn’t experience before which I will in time. I understand myself at my best and worst. Moving through life is an enjoyable experience

If you aren’t optimistic why carry on

True. There are because of that always good memories and great times to look forward to. Too many people fixate on the memory side and worry about the future but really it is all new and exciting but just different experiences


You be very Joni Mitchell today

It is good the way things work out like this

Yep he mentioned the cambo version before

Funny the corny old live for the day stuff is right

I liked a lot of her stuff




Remember singing that years ago with some Indian mate paralytic

If a double decker bus….. To die by your side….

A year or so later the dude asked me to bed

Never saw that coming

Still like the song

Me mate ran off to Preston

Too embarrassed

Weird times

When you feel something so deeply as that you should hold it close

I know where you are coming from on this one. It was one of my anthems but now linked forever to being propositioned by a mate I’m not sure it would be my funeral song


Not sure I know

Never really thought about it

Dunno loads of people write all these wills and instructions for everything right down to their tomato plants

Just threaten to come back and haunt her if she does

Anyway chances are you’ll outlive your mum

Mothers understand sons better than sons realize

My mum surprised me when out of all her conservatism

She told me the worst thing about getting really old was

That you still felt and thought you were 20

Got me seeing pics of yer mum being one of these secret undercover save the world 007 operatives now

She said it and she’s almost 80

She meant felt as in thought and feelings not as in how creaky yer body felt

But at least he has made a good age

Some go so early. Can’t remember either of me granddads. Both died when I was a very young kid and I never knew them. I would have liked to know them

Yep it is weird that people put money before family

Then again money is the new religion and everyone worships it

It used to be an insult to talk about someone being willing to sell their grandmother now people just stuff em in a home and hope they die soon

I hope so

You need money but you don’t need lots

And you shouldn’t sacrifice real things for it

Life… live it


A nice time of the day

U sleep last night?

Dawn and early morning and dusk and late afternoon are the best times of the day for me

I like the quality of light around those times and how they are a time of change


Nothing happening

I’ve unleashed this weird arty streak in me that is taking most of my spare time up

New ways of conversation don’t replicate or better the old one

I think about architecture, painting and choreography a lot

Cant do them yet as I don’t have the tools

But do some music stuff



Love (or anything conceptual)

A visual emblem?

Ok this is vaguer but any picture or scene which inspires. It will change with mood and time etc

Lying down looking up through the green foliage of a tree at a blue sky with the edge of a white cloud




I changed it from honesty to loyalty to humility to doubt

Green blue


Earth Sea




Spicy salty

I’ll take exactly my previous answer again

Lying down looking up through the green foliage of a tee at a blue sky with the edge of a white cloud


Interesting idea

It gives me an idea which is slightly different form that

But we will see

I always write from as form except this time


It is the start of a new day and an opportunity to renew

Why not do it

But it will be hard because there will be no spontaneity now you have just done it

Renew what you do, think, and want, anything the world is yours or if you don’t want to don’t


I’ll have to off in a bit anyway so maybe I can save it and see what comes


She’ll do fine and cheers

I better get on anyway to be honest



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