What is Reality

Confusionists talk about art reflecting reality that we experience and yet mention that reality is not as defined by science, rationality or even top down belief or anything that is any way generic or all-encompassing.

For confusionists reality is a variable in that it will differ from community to community and even within community. Even in a community with a shared common reality there will still be variance from person to person to varying degree. Our reality is what each of us sees, feels, believes, wants etc and that varies by person.

This makes all of us unique and gives all of us a different perspective on things. There may within communities be shared realities but these will in general reflect the lowest common denominator in the community on which all explicitly or at least complicity agree.

That we all have unique realities has implications for art too. Confusionists will argue that each of us in our natural urges to express ourselves will do so differently and that we should encourage and revel in the divergence this generates rather than try to control, divert or destroy the natural production or our art. Every person is a unique and talented producer of art. There are no artists; there are only people and their expression.

Recognizing our own reality and being aware of what it is separately from societal and cultural false realities that institutions of control try to force on us is a central facet in our own personal emancipation. Each of us must take control of our  own liberation. It cannot be done for us as that just replaces one control with another. As we also each have our own reality only each of us can also recognize it, accept it and thereby liberate ourselves.

This involves recognizing the real nature of things, starting to recognize our position in this reality and recognizing our true position in the world. It also involves learning that as well as thinking and starting to recognize we also can start to express ourselves in the way we want, and by doing all of us this we will lower the level of confusion and frustration we feel. Central to all of this are asking questions, doubting and taking control of our own expression.

It might not change the world, or seem very revolutionary but it can change us and the way we see things and it can make us aware of what reality is and for each of that is different in itself.


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